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marisa ciesluk

meet the chief firestarter

In 2016, I was at a major crossroads on my journey. At work, I had been promoted to a newly created senior leadership role as a result of organizational restructuring. At home, I had also stepped into a new leadership role- a mom to a baby girl. Have you ever had that feeling where something is off and, yet, you can't put your finger on it? That was me.


My soul was restless. My heart was heavy. I was unsettled. As I grappled with these new identities, there was a voice in my head saying “This isn’t it. You’re made for more.”  I knew in my bones that was true. Even though I had longed for both of these new roles, I was craving . . . well . . . more.

To be clear, it wasn't more material things. It was deeper than that. I had a hankering for more impact. More fulfillment. More meaning. More energy. More congruence. More opportunities to operate in my zone of genius. More space to do the things that fuel my fire. And, most importantly, be more on fire in the work I do and the life I’m living.


After dropping my daughter off at daycare and crying all the way to work for more days than I care to count, I decided to own my brilliance, let my light shine bright and do the damn thing I was designed to do, which is transform people and organizations from the inside out by creating safe spaces for people to breathe deeply, reduce the noise, gain clarity, confidence, and courage, and be inspired to take messy, imperfect action towards their deepest aspirations and dreams. In other words, spark the inner fire!

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Use your voice, your experience and your leadership to spark change for yourself and the next generation of leaders.

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a bit more about marisa

on a personal note

A lover of the outdoors, a gatherer of people, and an equal opportunity wine drinker, I am no stranger to a challenge. I have faced my profound fear of heights and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, completed two marathons, and endured a half-Ironman.


An educator at my core and by training; a wife by a long, wild, and winding search; a mama through the grueling journey of IVF; a dog mom by rescue; a world traveler by passion; an entrepreneur by accident; and a leadership coach by calling, I am standing in and living out my truth every day. I am also proof that one can persevere and achieve goals by shifting your internal operating system.

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a few of my favorite things...

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My Clifton Strengths

Developer | Empathy

Futuristic | Strategic


Primary Sparketype: Advisor

Shadow: Sage

Antisparketype: Warrior


Marisa's Values

Courage Over Comfort

Connect Deeply

Be Curious

Create Space


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